SEMILLASGROW.COM informs you that you are about to enter a website with products intended exclusively for people over 18 years old; on this website you will find seeds, fertilizers, pots and everything related to marijuana cultivation of the best brands, these are the products of a grow shop. The existing content is for users indicated. For this reason we ask you to read and accept the conditions:
The customer declares that he is old (+18 years old) and agreeing to these terms of use.


The parties expressly agree that this Agreement shall be governed and construed in all its terms and conditions, in accordance with current Spanish legislation. The parties submit to any issues or disputes that might arise because of the interpretation, compliance and execution of this contract, the jurisdiction of the appropriate Courts to the buyer's home or place of performance of the contractual obligation.

Customer declares that he knows the contents of this contract not only by the wording in the bill, but also because the extended General Conditions therein are exposed to the public in SEMILLASGROW, as well as on the website.
The invalidity, in whole or in part, of one or more of these General or Particular Conditions will not lead the remaining clauses will remain fully and effectively valid and subsisting.


All sales and orders SEMILLASGROW be deemed subject to these General Conditions. No modification, alteration or agreement contrary to the Commercial Proposal SEMILLASGROW, or stipulated herein, shall have effect unless expressly agreed in writing signed by the contracting parties in which case these particular agreements prevail.
The identity and vendor, product features, price, transport costs and payment address are those included on the front of the General Conditions.
By accepting this contract, you declare: -I- that is of age and has the capacity to contract and -II- have read and accept the General Conditions.

SEMILLASGROW is related to the cultivation of cannabis, marijuana, and content is restricted to minors, so that no orders will be accepted in any case of people who do not prove their majority.
Under his responsibility you will see or download content from this website, eximiéndonos any responsibility for any use that may be made of our products.
We note that in some places, countries and public computers, it is illegal to access such portals, so that the person accessing the web is responsible for sanctions or penalties this may cause.
SEMILLASGROW not be held responsible for your customers to use their products.
In SEMILLASGROW no psychoactive products are sold or illegal substances.
In the above 50 € and national orders, shipping will be free, except land and substrates.


By making a purchase or order, regardless of how it is made, the buyer acknowledges and accepts these general terms and conditions, which apply during the duration of trade relations between buyer and seller without further reference .
The requisition must always be handled by web or e-mail, indicating: reference and product description and quantity required. Likewise, it is also necessary to indicate the data for your location.
TEL: +34 692 467 586
Once recepcionada the order request, prepare a detailed SEMILLASGROW with the material requested plus shipping costs, to be sent in an e-mail response waybill. In the case of delivery notes with variations on the request of the order for lack of stock, such variations are specified in the e-mail response.
Compliance with the delivery note buyer materializes with the completion of timely bank transfer, always in the subject / concept the number of delivery note / invoice. shipping is recommended by e-mail of the receipt of income account.
Bank: ING Direct
Title: Juan Antonio Calatayud
Account Number: ES07 1465 0100 9118 0038 3439
Received the transfer, immediately proceed to the preparation of the order and its output except COD orders.


The current price list at the time of acceptance of the order, or the sale is binding, except in case of typographical error and / or if update (in which case the customer will be informed before accepting any order).
For particular cases, payment is made in cash, in cash, by credit / debit card, in which case payment shall be deemed subject to collection. In case of transfer payment, SEMILLASGROW not send any order to verify that the payment was successful.
In the event of default by the Customer, in whole or in part, on the due date agreed for one or more consignments of orders, SEMILLASGROW will opt to discontinue or cancel any shipment or pending contract without incurring liability for any damage or losses, including lost profits, or damages resulting from delay or loss of production caused to the Customer. This does not relieve the customer of its outstanding contractual obligations regarding payments due and receipt of products.
The deadline for payment of invoices is understood overcome by the fact of delivery of goods in the purchase (with exceptions binding contract with client), without prejudice to the payments on account as appropriate if delivery / shop, according the provisions of the condition


Without prejudice to the general rule of delivery in the establishment and auto-transport by the buyer, this may also choose to choose to apply the order to transport home, under the conditions at all times and have established SEMILLASGROW they are available to the buyer on site.


The merchandise always be sent carriage paid, including those on the invoice, unless expressly request.
Delivery shall be deemed made at the time that transportation has put the / the package / s available to the client and has signed the document delivery receipt.
The client must check / verify the order upon receipt and present to the same carrier all the caveats and complaints may be justified in the document delivery receipt. Transport damage must be recorded on the delivery note / I received from the carrier. (It is possible to refuse delivery for transport damage to package shabby).
Otherwise, it must be recorded in the received / document delivery "SLOPE TO REVISE" for purposes of collateral.
After further review of SLOPE TO REVISE deliveries in transport and delivery note anomalies detected / damage unappreciated outside, the Customer must contact in SEMILLASGROW.COM within a maximum period of receipt 24 hours. SEMILLASGROW responsible for replenishing items as long as they are due to the product and not to misuse or tampering. On error justified in delivery, SEMILLASGROW.COM only accept returns of products not open and / or still in their original packaging intact.


SEMILLASGROW offers its customers the ability to change the product purchased within seven working days from the date of purchase or delivery of the goods, as long as the product has not been used and the customer presents the ticket / delivery note or purchase invoice and the state and article submission are identical to the time of purchase, including all accessories and original packaging intact. Similarly, any electronic and / or optical media and, in general, any product that embeds software will require that, in addition to the above requirements, submit warranty seal intact. SEMILLASGROW.COM reserves the right to conduct a preliminary analysis of the goods before accepting such return.
In distance selling, in addition to meeting the above condition, Customer shall pay direct costs of return and compensation for damages to present the product. If they do so by a transport company / freight, Customer shall ensure that the original packaging is not damaged, altered or damaged in any way.
SEMILLASGROW reserves the right to conduct a preliminary analysis of the goods before accepting such return.
Customer may request a refund of the price by bank or a discount on a new order for the amount of the product.
SEMILLASGROW.COM NOT ACCEPT RETURNS IF THE PRODUCT IS NOT PRESENTED IN PERFECT CONDITIONS. They are excluded from the right of withdrawal, given its special characteristics: those products that are subject to market fluctuations outside the scope of the seller and living matter.

Customer may make the return in person or through a transport company. SEMILLASGROW examine its contents, in order to verify its perfect condition for acceptance. Receipt of returned merchandise will not under any circumstances accept or compliance with state thereof; so SEMILLASGROW shall within 15 days from receipt to show existing Customer damage on the returned product whose compensation must satisfy the customer.
SEMILLASGROW is empowered to suspend and / or cancel orders shipments, or if necessary, withdraw and / or terminate the contract, without thereby resulting liability for damages (including lost profits), if Customer it would not be affected, voluntarily or involuntarily, for any kind of liquidation, insolvency, receivership, lack of legal capacity, delinquency, default or any other indications in the deterioration of the heritage of the Customer.


In general, the buyer agrees to immediately inspect the purchased item and communicate as soon as possible SEMILLASGROW any disagreement with it, in each case avoiding the aggravation of any damage, under a principle of good faith.
In certain items and, in addition to the powers that assist the buyer under the above clauses, SEMILLASGROW delivered by the producer's commercial guarantee on the product that this has established. The warranty will be extended in writing and shall contain at least the information provided for the Article 125 of the Revised Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users.
Subject to the conditions stated in the document or support, this warranty excludes defects due to misuse, poor maintenance, force majeure and cases where the product has been tampered with by third parties before making it available to the producer or SEMILLASGROW. It will be understood in any case that there is a misuse or poor maintenance when it has not complied with the instructions contained in the manual or documentation delivered with Article producer.

SEMILLASGROW is not responsible for the consequences that may result from misuse of the Client and / or any third parties arising from the failure to follow the instructions in the operation manual or Safety Standards merchandise. SEMILLASGROW not be liable for the incorrect configuration and / or facilities and / or equipment malfunction caused by a component not provided by SEMILLASGROW.
All those consumables or temporary use products, ie products using the same depreciation thereof occurs, (for example: seeds or any living material), SEMILLASGROW.COM does not offer a guarantee for the quality or defects arising from the use of consumable product. Customer must notify directly for any defect or damage that may result from use of the product, the manufacturer.
The warranty is void when any of the following circumstances: shock and / or improper transportation (by Customer), faulty installation and / or installation errors, installation and / or connection of peripherals not compatible with the product voltage inadequate food or power surge, normal wear and tear, damage due to external events and / or accidents, humidity control or other than normal environment safe and environmental conditions, natural disasters.


The buyer consents to the processing of personal data for purposes arising from the contractual relationship in accordance with the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection and other regulations Character that is applicable to this matter .
Your personal data may be included in an automated file managed SEMILLASGROW and may be transferred to the technical services of the manufacturer in order to provide you the after-sales service or the manufacturer to manage product returns .
Customer may exercise their rights of access, rectification , cancellation and opposition at any time , with the Department of Administration by email or phone.